Message from Our CEO: Increasing Access to Treatment

Liberation Programs has always had a special place in my heart. I served as Senior Vice President from 1996 to 2006 and I’m thrilled to be back. It’s like coming home. We know that 174 people die every day of a drug overdose. When we factor in alcohol, that number rises to 415. However, only […]

Co-occurring Disorders

A message from Liberation Programs’ Chief Operating Officer, Cary Ostrow At community forums, a popular topic of conversation is how to help individuals with “co-occurring disorders.” Broadly defined, a co-occurring disorder is when someone has a psychiatric diagnosis, such as depression, and also a substance misuse disorder. The National Institute of Health estimates that more […]

September is Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month, when the country purposefully sets time aside to celebrate stories of recovery from the disease of addiction.  It also gives us time to review the proven methods developed over many decades that have helped millions of Americans improve their lives. Liberation Programs will be hosting a number of events ourselves […]

Sara’s Recovery Story


All of us have a story. Not all of us live long enough to tell it. Sara came to Liberation Programs in need of our help and because we were there for her, she can tell hers. She took her first drink at only 13 years old. What followed were many years of heavy drinking, […]

Six Surprising Addiction Facts That You May Not Have Known


Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects millions of Americans each year. Yet, many people are not well-informed on the biological, behavioral, and social aspects of addiction. Since the information about the nature of substance dependence is so expansive, we decided to narrow our focus down to a few facts to better educate others about addiction. […]