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Sara’s Recovery Story

All of us have a story. Not all of us live long enough to tell it. Sara came to Liberation Programs in need of our help and because we were there for her, she can tell hers. She took her first drink at only 13 years old. What followed were many years of heavy drinking, […]

Six Surprising Addiction Facts That You May Not Have Known

Addiction to drugs and alcohol affects millions of Americans each year. Yet, many people are not well-informed on the biological, behavioral, and social aspects of addiction. Since the information about the nature of substance dependence is so expansive, we decided to narrow our focus down to a few facts to better educate others about addiction. […]

The Fred Sheftell / Edward Pollak Inaugural Lecture

On November 9th, 2017 Liberation Programs launched its new series of lectures to foster a candid discussion among leaders from Fairfield County on the effectiveness of community mobilization and action that is needed on local drug policy. The Fred Sheftell / Edward Pollak lecture series was named after two men who were instrumental in making Liberation Programs […]